The many faces of Krajan

Krajan is a creative. That’s what he offers you. Creativity. And energy. With new perspectives. Sometimes as a director, sometimes a producer. He doesn’t make films. Kodak does. And Agfa. Krajan fills them with content. And has done so for many years. In many different ways. And for many happy clients.

You could call him a creative coach for your visual communication.

Check out the reels below for a quick glimpse into what Krajan does.


If you care to dive deeper into what Krajan does on a daily basis - jump over to The Edit Room. There you'll find productions ranging from live-action, to animations. Krajan has lots of skills.

The Edit Room

If you want to hire him, or if you're just curious about him and want to know more, don't hesitate to give him a holler. He is extremely nice and curious about you.

Contact Krajan!

Hey! I wanna grab a coffee and chat some with you!
Besides this Krajan is most probably taller than you, but not in a scary way. He's a dad, gymfreak, Aikidoka and has won the Swedish Designawards.

Give him a call! +46-708-601627
Or drop him an e-mail: Send Mail

Creativity takes courage!
Every work of art has to be produced by someone who feels deeply inspired. And radically optimistic. Krajan is great at shining the light onto others.
Malin Jureit / Art Director
Some of the Clients