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Who is krajan?

Krajan is an award winning director who believes in telling stories that moves you. Stories that engage and stir emotions. Stories with a meaning. Preferably with a twist that makes you smile.

Krajan does this as a filmmaker - Not like Kodak. Or Agfa. They manufacture film. Krajan fills film with content. Your content, and Your story. Visualized and told in a way that engage and stir emotions. When a story is told by someone who believes in it. You feel it. Giving it an undeniable edge.

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Some Happy Clients

And What They Say!

Their dance education will most certainly be filled to the last place. Both the school and the agency want that..The films on the site vibrate with skilled choreography, suggestive, daring cutting technique and above all an overwhelming joy and strong desire to dance.

Dick Ander, Bo Bergström, Torbjörn Eriksson, Anna Romson och Barbro Rydén.
Swedish Design Awards Jury

Working with Krajan is effortless. If you have an idea or vision Krajan will help you tell the story. And if you don’t have an idea, Krajan will listen to what you’re trying to achieve and create something that builds on it and strengthens it. Regardless, the results are always on time and fantastic. It’s great to see Krajans artistic talent get to work and I especially appreciate how easy it is to build a strong partnership with him.

Filip Lam
Head of Learning & Development, Klarna

There is no better director and content producer to work with, making smashing video productions for my clients. Krajan is one of the most dedicated professionals I’ve worked with and is willing to go the extra mile in any task. Krajans expertise as a creative storyteller is considerable and it has helped me and my team to come up with more creative solutions in all our joint projects. Together we won gold in the Swedish Design Awards! I highly recommend Krajan as a director/producer/storyteller and I'm looking forward to working together soon again.

Malin Jureit
Art Director, Co-founder, CEO at Wedsly

I have had the privilege of having Krajan as a creative resource in many different situations. As a director, as an idea developer, and as a creative coach. Over the years, we have produced films, recorded live performances, and developed various communicative projects. Krajan possesses a breadth of film, image, sound, and idea development that provides security in projects. He also owns a unique ability to challenge limiting ideas, and with his ability to coach he has a humble approach to the development of ideas and creative processes.

Alexander Holmberg
Keynote speaker, Communication magician, and coach

What can Krajan do for you?

Krajan is creativity. And ideas. With new perspectives. Krajan is concept, strategy, stories and film. Krajan can be what gently guides your story forwards, but Krajan can also be a blunt force.
Someone that gets shit done.

  • 1 Why Krajan?

    Krajan has a deep desire to understand you, your brand or client, your vision and your communicative needs. That understanding, combined with the passion Krajan has for filmmaking, together with the genuine desire to tell stories that mean something to both you, as a client, and your audience, is why you should always involve Krajan in your productions. Because Krajan wants others to understand and love you too.

  • 2 How can Krajan help you?

    Krajan can help you develop ideas, give creative direction, and sharpen your storytelling. Creative coaching and direction through directing - that is what Krajan is most passionate about! But the 24 years he has been in the business has also given him ample of tools to be both a one man production army and a smooth teamplayer and part of a bigger machinery. There are many ways to take creative responsibility and to contribute to the creative process. And Krajan has a heavy toolbelt.

  • 3 What do you need?

    Yes, ask yourself what you need. Our guess is it's probably some kind of film you are thinking about. You have an idea on why, but you're not sure on how. Krajan will start by sharing his knowledge and passion with you and put that idea of your in motion. And in the end that's probably exactly what you need to do as well. Share your passion and your knowledge. In motion. With a film. Krajan will help you do it.

So, perhaps you need an interview done. A quick shoot - or shout out - an attention grabber for your brand new hype! You need an animated banner or film for SoMe. An explainer, a commercial, a promo, or help with your visual identity and your elevator pitch as a film - You need a complete corporate workover!

You need to share your passion! And you need someone that understands and believes in your passion to do it.

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