Krajan and Klarna

Disrupting the

Besides from being the second year of Covid-19 isolation, 2021 also marked the third, or even fourth global event for Klarna that Krajan took part of together with producer Anna Mourou. This year as creative lead helping Anna and the internal team lead by Filip Lam to produce a 6 hour long live interactive digital broadcast covering 6 time zones and going out to the entire Klarna family around the world. A massive project to boost, strengthen, educate, inspire and in other ways knock the socks off the Klarnauts! All done on a very very short time frame and with more than 15 different talks and +23 speakers sharing their passion, a celebrated slow jam from CEOs Sebastian Siemiatkowski and Knut Frängsmyr and live performance from Swedens very own dazzling Agnes. All done on 'Klarna Time', as the Klarnauts themselves say.

Krajan was involved in all things conceptual and visual from designing the core content and graphics for the entire show, to producing teasers, presentations of the speakers, photoshoots and behind the scens films.

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