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10. The offer you shouldn't refuse

Now you know a bit more about me. You know what I do, why I do it and how. You know what I believe in and that there are many sides to my creativity. You know I can be a onemanarmy and work in a team.

You also know what you need - to share your passion and knowledge. In motion. With a film. And hopefully you have come to understand that you would rather work with someone like me, that understands you, believes in you, and wants others to do just that too!

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How often and when do you need to communicate? And what? I will come to you once a week, once a month, every quarter. Let's set it up! And together we will discuss what you need - and make it happen! Whether it's a fully planned day of filming, or a workshop day that ends with a film shoot, or a three hour session - with two hours of coaching, script or copy writing - and then a quick shoot - is up to you. It's your communictive needs - I just help you put them in motion.

Fill in that contact form, send that email or even better - dial that phonenumber - and get in touch with me. Let's set up a flexible and creative subscription solution for your communicational needs.

With me on speed dial, with a subscription, or a retainer agreement, and an NDA signed - there is no need to hire a full-time employee, or waking up the whole costly machinery of you agency. I will be your loyal in-house, only out-house - fast, flexible, cost effective and complementary to your current creative solution.

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