Who is Krajan?

01. Who is Krajan?

Krajan is ...

... me! An award winning film director based in Stockholm working with storytelling, creative coaching and film production.

I’ve worked with both commercial tv and Public Service, and I’ve helped some of Swedens biggest event and communications agencies fill screens with content and communicate what their clients need to get out there - both internally and externally. I’ve worked with brands such as Sandvik, COOR, Scania, Oriola, AFA Försäkringar and now lately also Klarna.

I’ve also had the honor of having won the Swedish Design awards combining my passion for dance and fashion with the one closest to my heart - filmmaking.

Over the years I've had the opportunity to work with both global giants and startups, with both high profile clients and non-profit organizations. I've worked as a photographer, an editor, a graphics and motion designer, copywriter, voice talent, segment and content producer, as a general creative, creative lead, producer and as a director. Always thinking about how I can contribute the most and take creative responsibility in the best way possible for the job and client. In the end it's your story - I just help you put it in motion.

I believe in telling stories that moves you. Stories that engage and stir emotions – Stories with a meaning. Preferably with a twist that makes you smile. I do this as a filmmaker. Not like Kodak. Or Agfa. They manufacture film. I fill film with content. Your content - and Your story - Visualized and told in a way that engage and stir emotions.

I believe in you! And when a story is told by someone who believes in it. You feel it. Giving it...

an undeniable edge.

02. What is Krajan?

Someone who gets s**t done!

I've been told that I stand for creativity. And ideas. With new perspectives. I work with both concept, strategy, stories and content. I've also been told that I stand for credibility, deliverability and added value to any production. I have done commercials, tv, corporate stories, visual elevator pitches, internal communication, explainers, infomercials and so much more. I aim to challenge, enlighten, educate and entertain your audience and I always try to simplify what is complex and make it understandable - and remembrable. Simply put, I can be what gently guides your story forwards, but I can also be a brute force. Someone that gets s**t done. Fast.

03. Why work with Krajan?

'Cause Krajan loves you!

I have a deep desire to understand you and your brand - that's my starting point. To understand your values, your vision, your customers and your communicative needs. That understanding, combined with the passion I have for filmmaking, together with my genuine desire to tell stories that mean something to both you, as a client, and your audience. Is why you should always involve me from start in your productions. Because I truly want others to understand and love you too.

04. How will krajan do this?

By taking creative responsibility

There are many ways to tell a story, and there are many ways to take creative responsibility and to contribute to the creative process. But getting your story out there is not only what matters! Of course you need to take into consideration both client, target audience - but also the story itself - and how it speaks to you, or wants to, or needs to be told. But foremost you yourself, as a creative, have to believe in the story you are telling, in order to make others believe it too.

I will help you develop ideas, give creative direction, and sharpen your storytelling. If I don't believe in the story - I will tell you so - and do something about it!

05. What do you need?

Yes, ask yourself what you need. You know why, but you're not sure on how. Or you don’t know what, but know you need it.
I will start by sharing my knowledge and passion with you and put that idea of yours in motion.
In the end, that's probably exactly what you need to do as well.

Share your passion and your knowledge. In motion. With a film.
And you need someone that understands and believes in your passion to do it.
I am that someone.

When you choose to work with me, you get all of the above experience - plus a smashing personality - in a flexible creative solution. Or was it the other way around?

Whether it’s a matter of curating and adapting your content to a changing market, or a swift creation of something new for your upcoming campaign - Your needs might be to tell your story to the world, to enlighten the masses, or maybe they are more internal - to strengthen your values, build pride from within, or simply put - just entertain your audience and remind them of what the heck they - and you - are doing! And you need to do it on a more regular basis than you initially though.

The 24 years I've been in the business has given me ample of tools to be both a one man production army and a smooth team player and part of a bigger machinery. Regardless if you are in need of someone to urgently help you out, or if you are looking to build a sustainable relationship – I've got your back.

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07. Get in touch

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