Who is Krajan?
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01. Who is Krajan?

I am a director. I create stuff.

I don't make film. Kodak does. And Agfa. I fill film with content.

02. Who is Krajan?

Someone who gets s**t done!

I've been told that I stand for creativity. And ideas. With new perspectives. I've also been told that I stand for credibility, deliverability and added value to any production. I lean in when there is a story to be told, or a communicative and visual problem to solve. I also like to make people laugh.

03. Why work with Krajan?

'Cause Krajan loves you!

I have a deep desire to understand you and your brand - that's my starting point. That understanding, combined with the passion I have for filmmaking, together with my genuine desire to tell stories that mean something is why you should hire me as a director or creative lead for your project. That, and I'm fast too. Fast and easy to deal with.

04. what do you need?

Put an idea in motion

Yes, ask yourself what you need and let's have chat. I will start by sharing my knowledge and passion with you and put that idea of yours in motion. In the end, that's probably exactly what you need to do as well. Share your passion and your knowledge. In motion. With a film. And you need someone that understands and believes in your passion to do it.

05. Let's set it up

So, now you know a bit more about me. You also know what you need - to share your passion and knowledge. In motion. With a film.
And hopefully you have come to understand that you would rather work with someone like me, that understands you, believes in you, and wants others to do just that too! So, to be specific - what do you need? And how fast do you need it? Let me help you put it in motion.

06. Selected Works

The many faces of

07. Get in touch

"Yes! I want to share my passion!"
Holler back at Krajan
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